Our infrastructure facilities help us to manufacture product range in bulk within a short and stipulated time frame as per the specifications given by our customers. With company’s investments towards latest machineries we are capable to design and develop molds and produce components that significantly contribute to quality products. It is backed by all the necessary appliances required for precise molding such as Injection Molding, Insert Molding, Protomold Molding machines and tools.

  • Our manufacturing units machinery capacity is equipped with fully automatic injection moulding machines of varying capacities between 40 T – 150 T and produce desired quantity of components as frequently as required with full capacity Genset back up.
  • Machines are equipped with Auto-Loaders, Hopper/Dryer and controllers etc.
  • Auxiliaries include Colour mixer, Grinder and Cooling systems.
  • 24/7 work day pattern approach is followed throughout the year to maximize asset utilization & customer service.
  • Equipped to process all engineering plastic raw materials and any thermoplastics based on the application requirement.
  • Proficient teams working collaboratively to create complex internal geometry with the repeatability and precision as per customer expectation.
  • Quality inspection and production management process help to reduce future costs, including rejected or returned items.